Are smartphones making people anti-social?

We all know people, that seemingly are not able to go about their daily activities without using their smartphone for more than few minutes, sending messages or checking to see what their friends are doing on social media. Is this behavior making people anti-social or are we looking at it all wrong? Maybe smartphones are making people hyper-social.

One report, released by the Pew Research Center, found that 13% of Americans pretend to be using their smartphones in order to avoid interacting with the people around them. The report suggests that people are becoming increasingly fearful of actually communicating-in person–with other human beings in their near proximity.

Yet another study conducted by McGill University found that smartphones may actually tap into our natural human desires to watch and monitor others, and to be seen and monitored by others. A researcher noted that the need for constant input from others helps act as a guide for culturally acceptable behavior and also helps individuals to find meaning, goals, and a sense of identity.

Learn and Practice

For this Argumentative and Persuasive essay choose one opinion, either that smartphones are making people anti-social or not, and provide a strong argument that supports that opinion. Also, include persuasive language to encourage people to believe your opinion.

social media: [ soh-shuhl mee-dee-uh ] noun

Social Media is an internet-based form of communication, allowing users to have conversations, share information, and to create web content.

anti-social: [ an-tee-soh-shuhl, an-tahy- ] adjective

unwilling or unable to associate with people in a normal or friendly way.

hyper-social: [ hahy-per soh-shuhl ] adjective

unusually or abnormally social; over; beyond; above.

social media: 社交媒体

anti-social: 反社会的

hyper-social: 超社会

social media: medios de comunicación social

anti-social: antisocial

hyper-social: hipersocial

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