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5 ways to say, “You’re Welcome!”

Most people will thank you for doing something for them. You may of helped them fix their car, visited them in the hospital, or simply called to say, “Hello!”. But, how do you respond to their expression of gratitude? Most of the time we say, “You’re welcome.” Although, “your are welcome” can sometimes be to formal for the situation. If that is the case, try one of these ways to acknowledge their gratitude.

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Don't mention it!: [ ] phrase/expression

A polite way of expressing that something is too trivial to warrant thanks; You are welcome but your thanks is not necessary.

Pete: Thanks for giving me a ride. Don't mention it Pete. What are friends for?

Not a problem!: [ ] phrase/expression

Used say that one is happy to do something.

Cindy:Thank you for helping me with my homework. Mark:Not a problem at all. I enjoyed helping you.

Not at all!: [ ] phrase/expression

Not at all is a conventional reply to expressions of gratitude.

Timmy: Wow Joey! Thank you for this very thoughtful gift. Joey: Not at all Timmy! I am glad you like it.

Forget it: [ ] phrase/expression

Forget it is used when someone feels a deeper gratitude or of being indebted to you.

Thank you so much for your help Cindy, how can I ever repay you? Cindy:Oh Tony, forget it.

Anytime: [ ] phrase/expression

Used to say that it was a small and trivial thing and that you were more than happy to do it.

Doug:Hey Suzie, I really wanted to thank you for taking care of my dog while I was on vacation. Suzie:Anytime my friend.

Don't mention it!: 别和我见外。举手之劳,不要再提啦!

Not a problem!: 没问题!没什么的!

Not at all!: 不用谢!哪儿的话!

Forget it: 不客气!没关系

Anytime: 别客气,随时愿为您效劳

Don't mention it!: not available

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