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Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting is a fun hobby. I also like coloring pictures with crayons. I use a drawing board to put my paper on, it is better than using a table. When I paint pictures with watercolors I also use my drawing board. When I have an idea of something to draw and don’t have enough time to color or paint a picture, I will sketch my ideas into my sketchbook. Actually, I think my sketchbook contains some of my greatest art works.

Learn and Practice

crayon: [ krey-on ] noun

A crayon is a rod of colored wax used for drawing.

I have a box of 64 crayons.

drawing board: [ draw-ing bohrd ] noun

A drawing board is a large flat board, on which you place your paper when you are drawing something.

Look! I bought a new drawing board.

watercolor: [ waw-ter-kuhl-er, wot-er- ] noun

Watercolors are colored paints, used for painting pictures, which you apply with a brush or dissolve in water first.

I like painting with watercolors.

pigment: [ pig-muhnt ] noun

A pigment is a substance that gives something a particular color.

I will add a little more blue pigment to make the color darker.

sketchbook: [ skech-boo k ] noun

A sketchbook, or sketchpad of drawing paper for sketches.

I have two sketchbooks. One is for sketches of houses and the other is of tall buildings.

crayon: 彩色铅笔(或蜡笔)

drawing board: 绘画板;图画板;制图板

watercolor: 水彩颜料

pigment: 颜料;色料;色素

sketchbook: 素描册

crayon: lápiz de color

drawing board: tablero de dibujo

watercolor: acuarela

pigment: pigmento

sketchbook: bloc de dibujo